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Great American Shows is a family owned and operated carnival. Greg Maturo, the owner, comes from a family that has been in the carnival business for 4 generations, and has its roots in Italy. Greg's great-grandfather started the family tradition in Chicago, Ill, where he owned and operated the first carousel in Chicago, which was located at the Navy Pier. Greg's grandfather, his grandfather's brother, and his father all owned carnivals. Greg, and his wife Edwina, started their own carnival in 1992.

Great American Shows has its winter quarters in Madisonville, Kentucky, in the Western Kentucky coal fields. This is just a short distance away from where Greg Maturo went to both grade school and high school. Greg attended the same grade school as his mother.

Great American Shows is a family and community oriented carnival. We support special group needs in your community, such as the physically challenged, neglected and abused children, etc. Our employees are professionally trained and courteous. They wear uniforms and identification badges, and have an average of 7 years experience. Everyone associated with Great American Shows considers your safety our first and foremost priority.

Great American Shows is a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association, the largest trade association for the carnival industry. The OABA has a code of ethics that require members to pledge to serve the community, state, and nation by conducting business with the highest level of integrity, avoiding at all costs any false or misleading statements to the public. They also must strive to present safe, clean rides, shows, and concessions that best serve by entertaining the public.

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