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Testimonial 6

Dear Mr. Maturo

This is to inform you that this city, and most importantly, the families that took part in the Festival by riding your equipment, were more than satisfied that we contracted with Great American Shows, and by this letter we are requesting that you return for next year's Festival.

People have a tendency to forget to express a "Thank You for a job well done". Well, by this note we are doing just that. The comments we received (Mayor, Council Members, and staff) were all highly positive. Such comments as ... "they were really good with the children", "The people really policed the area", and "Are you going to have them back next year?" are just a few examples.

In conclusion, you can use us as a reference and again, thank you for being an extra drawing attraction that made our Festival a grand success. Hoping to see you next year.

Very truly yours,


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