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Testimonial 8

July 8, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written with the sole purpose of expressing the success of our annual Fireman’s Festival and the role of Great American Shows in making it a success. 2005 marks our 81st annual festival, and in those 81 years we have experienced a wide range of carnival companies. We have found Great American Shows to be the best company for our needs.

Our festival is small and held in fairly tight quarters, yet it has become a well-loved tradition of summer in our small town and surrounding communities. We were once blinded by the outward flashiness of a large carnival company who was willing to host our festival when it had an empty period of time in which to do so. Every year, in which we worked with the company, we were shunted to lower and lower places on their list until we were finally neglected completely and without courtesy.

Now we have been using Great American Shows for several years, and we could not be happier with the dynamic festivals they have provided us with. It is a relief to work with a dependable organization which understands the meaning of loyalty, a concept that is so often lost with larger companies. We have no fear of an abrupt end to our partnership with Great American Shows and feel that this is a most praiseworthy aspect of any business relationship.

The spectrum of rides and games provided by the company provides options for people of all ages. The staff is friendly and reliable, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for all. The Maturos are personable, helpful, and admirably cooperative, making them a joy to work with under any conditions. We think most highly of Great American Shows, and feel that they are most worthy of hosting any festival or carnival searching for a professional, remarkable, and successful show.

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