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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q. How many rides does Great American Shows own?

A. Anywhere from 15 to 17 rides. It varies from season to season as older rides are retired and newer rides added. This normally includes at least one Spectacular, about a half a dozen Majors, and about a half a dozen Kiddie rides.

Q. Will all the rides be put up?

A. Not every time. From 12 to 17 rides will be put up, depending on the expected attendance.

Q. What size property would we need for your carnival?

A. On average, we would need approximately 200 feet by 300 feet to put up all our rides.

Q. Will the owners be at our event?

A. Yes, the Maturo family will be on site at all times to answer questions and handle any problems that might arise.

Q. Where do you get your electricity from?

A. Great American Shows has its own 3 phase diesel-powered electrical generator. We also employ a 5 wire electrical system throughout the amusement area.

Q. Where do your employees stay?

A. Great American Shows has full bunkhouse facilities for its employees, complete with beds and showers.

Q. Is there a dress code for your employees?

A. Yes, all employees wear Great American Shows shirts and badges.

Q. If our event can't accommodate all your rides, can we still contract an engagement with Great American Shows?

A. Yes, Great American Shows does not necessarily have to put up all our rides at your engagement.

Q. Can you tell me about the financial end of an engagement with Great American Shows?

A. Due to the competitive nature of the carnival business we can not post a complete answer to this question. Please call for more information, but in general, we have two different financial arrangements available for you. In the case of a company picnic, or promotion, in which you do not wish to charge the carnival goers, we can negotiate a fixed price for the engagement. If you wish to use our engagement to raise funds, we will charge the carnival goers, and give you a percentage of the gross.

Q. In a for-profit engagement do you use tickets?

A. Yes, we use tickets for the rides, but only accept cash at the games and concessions.

Q. Who supplies the tickets?

A. Great American Shows supplies the tickets

Q. What are your physical requirements for the location where the engagement will occur?

A. Although we are flexible, Great American Shows requests access to the location the Monday prior to the event, a garden hose hook-up for water, a place to park empty trailers, a place to dispose of trash, all permits necessary, and security arrangements if required. We also request that the location be as close as possible to any event that is taking place for easy access.

Q. What are the benefits of booking Great American Shows for a benefit?

A. Our carnival will bring more people into the local area, thus increasing sales of local businesses. Having our carnival there will also give your community a place to go to have a good time.

Q. Do you support special community needs?

A. Yes, we support special community needs, such as the physically challenged, neglected and abused children, etc..

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